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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Photos from the Wedding

Our daughter Tracy married Brandon Hitch Sunday afternoon. Had a bunch of folks asking if I was doing the pictures or having fun. Well, the official photographer was Tracy's longtime friend Kathy did the real photo work while I played. One of my favorite pictures was a quick grab shot of the three flower girls. They are Anna, Brandon's niece, and our granddaughters Abby and Zoey.  It was a quick grab shot in the lobby, only window light. It was a bit under exposed, and lucky for me, a RAW image. I was able to adjust the exposure in Camera Raw, then get rid of the excess grain using DFINE 2, part of the NIK collection.

Really love this photo.  This was a found picture. The fan and the flower baskets were on a table. I did turn the fan over for the image of the bride and groom.  I had a fun day just shooting candid shots of the bride, groom, and guests.

Ren Deese always looks so stunning, and Sunday was no exception. This was the only photo I posed all day. Love the little hat and veil. Posed her in the lobby  and used window light. Made an awesome image. Added the vignette in NIK's Color Efex Pro.

This was my last image, quite the glamour shot using a collection of wedding bows. Another found shot too good to pass up.

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