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Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Bit of Black and White, If You Please...

I shot these two photos yesterday, the cherry blossoms are in our yard, the two trees stand in a pasture near Butler. I pass them each week as I travel to Columbus, and always take time to look at them as I pass. I have photographed them before.  If trees have personality, they do.

I shot the cherry blossoms just before getting in the truck to go. Have been waiting to shoot them this year, and the blooms were looking really good yesterday. The two trees were done late in the day as I returned home. Rain was fast approaching and the clouds were building up. You can see patches of rain in the distance.

The trees just screamed for for black and white, so I obliged them.  The color version was pretty blah.
The cherry blossoms were good color, but I decided to make the background black and white and paint in some color.  Originally was going to do the center of the blooms, but decided to add the leaves. With them black and white, it looked incomplete. Some of the background blooms I left black and white. 

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