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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hey Yogi its Like Deja Vu All Over Again.....

Several weeks ago I photographed Jackie in one of Macon's true landmark buildings. The place has fascinated me since I was a kid, going there in the 50's when it was a busy place, still serving passengers who were traveling by train. Then in the 1970's I often revisited with a couple of Nikon's and piles of Tri-X film.
It was empty, deserted and neglected, a place of beauty still. Now it has been reclaimed, and its true beauty restored.

As always, I shot the original frames in color. Jackie fit right in, her colors matching those of the building quite well. The place is really a natural for color, with all the beautiful wood, stone and gold detail, and really quite well lighted.  

The second photo, the first of her on the bench, was pretty much as shot in regards to the lighting. I brought the background down for the third image, making her more prominent, and also changing the mood just a bit. This made me go "hmmmmm, maybe black and white"  and so I converted it to a monotone using Silver Efex Pro 2. It is the best program I have found so far to convert color to black and white.

The last image was shot available light, in my old style of shooting film....a bit underexposed. Thanks to the wonders of RAW files, I was able to bring out the image. It has a bit of grain, and actually has the look of pushed Tri-X.

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