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Thursday, March 12, 2015

That's  my Daddy,  Dillard Augustus Gilleland. Today is his 100th birthday. He left this world in August 2002, and I still miss him. He set the tone in our home, was stern when he had to be, but he knew the importance of love. And he wasn't afraid to show it. That was one of the most important things I learned from him, the importance of showing and sharing love.

The second photo of him with my Mom was taken in 1948, the year before I was born.  My brother Tony was three years old, and I guess he had been so wonderful, they decided to have another one.  Dad always let us know we were a planned part of his life, very much loved and wanted.  We have always been an affectionate family. The day he died, Deborah and I spent the day with them. As always we greeted each other with a hug and kiss, said goodbye the same way.

He was a manly man, riding Harleys and Indians before settling down to married life. Loved working on cars, woodworking. As a kid, it seemed like he could fix anything.  He was good to let Tony and I "help"
him with various projects. A real example of patience.  He taught us to be passionate about life, that success was about loving what you do, and doing it well.  And to put God first in all you do.  Then everything else falls into place.

Happy Birthday, Dad. Thanks for the example you set, and for all that love.

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