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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cool Images From The D90

I did pictures and an interview this morning with Greg Comer. Greg and his wife Marti are opening a bed and breakfast here in Fort Valley. Greg has been busy getting the 100 year old house ready for an August opening. This morning he was scrubbing floors. The photos were in the dining room. The rooms have some great windows and daylight filled the room Greg was working in as well as the room behind him. Seeing through the house made for great depth in the photos.

I shot from various angles as he worked, beginning with my back to the windows and moving around. I knew my best pictures were going to be looking back into those huge windows. Thought I might have to use a bit of fill flash to make it work, but luckily I was wrong. The light walls bounced plenty of light back on Greg and his son Mason.

The bottom photo was early in the series, the top photo was almost to the end.
The lower image was with my old trusty 15mm. It is a nice photo, like the light, love the 5 year-old watching his dad working. I thought “hey, this is it.”

I moved around looking back into the windows as Greg moved more into the room and was mopping across in front of me. Mason moved farther back in the room and leaned against the table. I swapped the 15 for my 10mm and continued shooting.
I expected to have to really photoshop to make up for all the backlight, but I did very little to this image. It was shot with the D90 on auto using shutter speed priority. Came out of the camera looking really great. Wish I had done a couple with the D200
just for comparison.

I liked the bottom photo a lot, but the top one will make the paper. Love the way the backlighting makes Mason almost ghost-like. It makes you take a second look.

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