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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Doing My Job

I have been working here at the Leader Tribune now for about nine months.
I didn’t realize that I would be as busy as I am, but I can’t not be shooting pictures.
Sometimes I miss being at a daily. It is sometimes really hard to wait a week for my pictures to be in print. The photos accompanying this blog fit that category.
Last Wednesday afternoon we had a really bad wreck here in Fort Valley.
A dude in a pickup truck failed to yield to an ambulance, hit the ambulance and flipped it upside down. I had to wait a week for these photos to make the paper.

In this past nine months I have shot a pretty good bit of spot news. Mostly fires and wrecks, but still real spot news. More frequently than I was doing the last couple of
years in Warner Robins as a Telegraph staffer. Being in a small town helps. It is easier to get to stuff, and sometimes I hear quicker.

I still, after 38 years, have the same inward battle when I shoot something like this.
I always get really excited about the great photos I am getting, caught up in the moment. Looking through that viewfinder, clicking away. That is what I am supposed to do. I don’t edit, I shoot away. The editing comes later. So does the
feelings of guilt , shooting photos of people who are really having a bad time.
This is my job, and still the best job in the world.

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