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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Little Man-Robert Davis

Saturday I covered the 4th of July celebration at Lane’s Southern Orchards here in Peach County. The wonderful thing about going to this kind of event is seeing folks you have not seen in a while. One of the first folks I ran in to was M.L. Holland. While at the Telegraph I photographed his young grandson Robert Davis several times. Robert is around 4 years old and has a fatal heart problem, pulmonary atresia. The youngster has had way too many surgeries for someone his age.

Little Man, as family and friends call him, is constantly tethered to an oxygen tank. The last time I went to the Holland’s to photograph him; he was riding his big wheel with the line to his oxygen trailing along behind him.

Several weeks ago he was in really bad shape, the doctors had sent him home and Hospice was called in. Little Man bounced back and was doing good enough to come out for the celebration Saturday.

I did the top photograph of him Saturday. What a sweet kid. Always has that infectious smile, always.

In my 38 years of photographing folks in Middle Georgia, some just stand out above the rest. Some of them I would really like to forget, but that’s the subject of another blog. Young Robert Davis is one of those really special people. Regardless of their circumstances, you walk away from them feeling a whole lot better about this world we live in. I hope I took a little bit of that special cheer and spread it to the rest of the people I talked with last week.

God bless you, Little Man.

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