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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Meet Jessica Weidner

I spent this morning with Jessica Weidner, Fort Valley’s Animal Control Officer.
I was to do a ride along with her. She is new to our town, began working in June.
She began her day digging six very young puppies out of a trash-filled dumpster.
Wish I had met up with her about 45 minutes earlier, but I got to the Police Department while she was still washing the dirt and fleas off them, and was there when they bottle fed the little critters. These guys will live to be adopted.

I had hoped for something interesting to photograph to go with my story, but this was really a great opportunity. We did the ride along and I got the more typical photos of her at work, but the first set of photos really captures this young lady’s caring heart.

She said about her job "This is something I enjoy doing, and somewhere I can make a difference." Well, Jessica, today you made a difference.

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