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Friday, September 11, 2009

Eat Your Veggies(But Take A Picture First)

This is photo I shot several years ago for the Telegraph's Food section. The story was about vegetables and this idea came into my head. It made a neat image, but it took some effort.
I used a light box(used for viewing negatives) as the background and light source. The box has tungsten bulbs so I shot the photo using Tungsten balanced Ektachrome.
I sliced the tomato, pepper, onion and carrot as thinly as I could and layed them on the surface of the light box. The hard part was getting the carrot thin enough to be as translucent as the others. This required several cuts, to carrot and fingers. I used a bit if onion skin and piece of lettuce to balance things out.
I metered for the light coming through the veggies and then bracketed the exposure. I also turned off the room lights so the only light was from the box. It worked out okay. Shooting digital makes these kinds of images much easier. Removes some of the guess work.
Hope this will inspire you to follow through on that idea you have had floating in your head. And eat your veggies!!!

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