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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Three Old Friends

I photographed Ronald Reagan quite a few times during my career. The first time was a campaign visit to Macon Mall. This was before he was elected for his first term. The bottom photograph was from that visit. My friend, the late Bobby Lowe, is shown directly behind Reagan. Bobby was a Macon Police officer and was helping with security.

Reagan's other appearances were at Macon's City Hall. The top photo was from one of these visits. My friend and former Telegraph photographer shot this image. Reagan can be seen in the lower left of the image, with his back to the camera. I am the dude behind two tripods, inside the red circle. UPI photographer Russ Yoder is on my immediate left, and AP photographer Joe Holloway next to Russ. I have mentioned both of them before...heros, mentors and good friends.

Russ, Joe, and Bobby. Three friends who all contributed to my growth over the years. Just wanted to share them with y'all.

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