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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Boot

Yesterday I was on the way to an assignment in Byron, my only Saturday job this week. As I neared Five Points(the BIG intersection in our small town) I noticed that folks were out in traffic collecting money. When I got closer I saw it was PEach County firefighters "filling the boot."

They were collecting monmey for Kids Yule Love, a local organization that provides gifts for children at Christmas.

I parked and grabbed my cameras and movedito the traffic. Still a scary thing if you do much driving. You realize how crazy folks are behind the wheel, and here you are looking through a camera while standing on the center line.

I saw firefighter Alan Whittington across the intersection, his boot standing on the white line between two lanes. The sun was looking like it was about the right spot to ad some drama to my photo. I moved around so he and the boot were between me and the sun and popped a few frames before the light changed and the truck on the side moved.

Made a pretty nice image. Cool for a Saturday morning.

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