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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shooting On The Sidelines

I usually shoot some feature art while coving football games, the band, coaches interacting with players, the crowd, cheerleaders, etc. In the stadium here in Peach County, the light falls off pretty badly at the ends of the field.
Last Friday night while shooting a photo of Head Coach Chad Campbell talking with a player on the sidelines, I noticed how the scoreboard was looking in the background.

Later in the game, I was down toward the endzone and the cheerleaders got cranked up. I usually shoot the cheerleaders from the midfield side so they will have a little fill on their faces. I decided to shoot from the endzone side to work the scoreboard lights in the background. From this side, their faces were quite dark. I waited to shoot when they were looking up, to capture the highlights.
Took a little effort in Photoshop, but made some interesting photos.

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