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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Dobro Picker

Deborah has been playing Dobro since last spring. I have been wanting to do a picture since she
began. Close in shot f all those picks on the strings. I was doing a candlelight photo of some flowers last night and asked her to play for me when I finished the flowers.

The Dobro has a large metal disc under the strings where the hole is on a normal guitar.
I used one light placed behind and to the side coming in from about 45 degrees. These are not bad, but still not what I wanted. Not sure exactly what I wanted. Think I will try again with two lights.
The top two photos were done at 1/25 second, the botton one was much slower. It was 1/2.5
second and used what little ambient light was in the room. Not much. The middle photo does have some vibration in the strings that had just been plucked.
Not bad, but we will try again later.

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