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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Take A Walk And Find Some Photos

I walked home from the office yesterday at lunch. It was such a pretty day, too nice to be in a car. When I started back, I took the long way, walking through downtown. I had a camera with me. Two actually. Got to have a telephoto and something wide. Both of these were with the telephoto.
The top picture are some little blue flowers, probably weeds. They caught my eye while I was walking. When I got down low to shoot, I noticed the brown leaf, and decided it fit nicely in the
bottom of the image. I tried a vertical but it didn't work for me.

When I got the photo in the computer, I played around alittle. This one has the water color filter added. Has a nice look.

The old door really jumped out at me. Think what got my attention ws the contrast between the wood, worn paint and the fairly new 'Push' sign.

I have a couple of more I will share later. Get out with your camera and see what you can find.

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