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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Dogwood Blooms

We have two Dogwood trees in our yard, a white one and a pink. The white one is right outside our backdoor. When you look through the storm door, you see the tree first. Especially this time of year. Today the blooms were screaming "Shoot Me." The overcast day made them just jump.

I shot them this morning. When I went home for lunch, Deborah asked if I had noticed the pink blooms. This tree is on the other side of the house. I had not.

It had begun to rain, but I grabbed my D200 and went shooting. Again the overcast sky made perfect light for these delicate blooms. I underexposed them a little bit to make the color really saturate. Did the same with the white ones. Had to do a little Photoshop work in the shadows.

After I had them toned, I played with them a little in Photoshop, and got this look. I kinda like the finished product.

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Mary said...

I couldn't agree more, your finished product is breathtaking!

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