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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Grass Is Always Greener

I have passed this llama several times when he has been stretched under the barbed wire trying to munch the grass on the other side of the fence. When I would stop the car and get out, he would make a hasty retreat,
Last week I came by and there he was. My camera was in the trunk of the car, so I went past, turned around and stopped. I thought I was far enough away not to panic him, but he pulled back under the wire. I had to go back up the road to turn around so I drove on toward him. With me back in the car, he resumed his position. I stopped and shot my picture through the open car window. Long as I didn't get out of the car, he ignored me.
I am sure there is a life lesson in that somewhere.
I got my camera out a

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heyartlady said...

Love this, Danny! And you are very intuitive about animals...figuring out how to get it done and all. I only wish you could come up with some pictures of some gorgeous young woman washing her dogs in the street? Has that ever been done before??? :-)

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