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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Don't Forget About Prime Lenses

Deborah took Garrett out to the front porch swing this morning. I was right behind them with a camera.
I shot some with the 70-200, but wanted to get a little closer. I do need my wideangle fix every day.
I didn't want the 15mm, and I really get tired of zooms, especially clunkers like the 15-30. It is a great lens, but it is heavy and a bit slow, like most of the day's wide zooms.
I came out of the house with two prime lenses(that means they don't zoom.) My 20mm and my 28. Both have been around, and are still good glass. Both are fast little f2.8's. They are small enough that the one that wasn't on the camera was in my pocket.
These little lenses are great for candids because they are small, light, and fast.  Put one on the D70 or D90 and you are carrying no weight at all. Another thing, floks don't pay as much attention to them as a bigger lens. They pay less attention to you when you are using the camera.
And you can pick 'em up pretty cheap, cause most folks don't want them anymore.

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