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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Photo Mechanic, A Very Handy Program

I shot the above photo last Friday night at the Warner Robins-Houston County game. It was the 37,274th photograph I have shot with my D90. AS of today, I have shot 16,724 frames with my D70 and 46,241 frames with the D200.  And how do I know these numbers?  Discovering your camea actuations is just one for the many things you can do with Photo Mechanic, a software program from Camera Bits.

It is not an editing program as much as an editing aid and archiving tool.  It is a great program for looking through the ton of images you download from your camera. It is much easier to use than Windows Picture Viewer, or the varoius viewers provided with digital cameras. I use it to ingest images from my card into the computer. 
You get a contact sheet of photos, and with a click, get a larger view of a particular image. You can select as many as you want to isolate and view, then open them in Photoshop or another editing program.

 It lets you fill out file information such as photographer's name, copyright info, location ,a nd as much caption information as you choose to be added to each image when you download it to the computer. One of the bits of info you can ad to each image is the number of accuations by the camera.
You also get shutter speed, aperture, ISO, lens focal length, camera type, and a pile f other stuff. You can get really geeky with this.
You can also use it to burn discs, and to upload photos to an FTP site.

If you work with lots of images, it is a very handy tool.

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