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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just Out Of Reach

I was back at McConnell Talbert Stadium in Warner Robins last night covering the Warner Robins Douglas County game. I guess I have shot more football in McConnell Talbert than any of the other stadiums ariound Middle Georgia. Henderson Stadium in Macon will be second.

McConnellTalbert has always been a good palce to shoot. Back in the day of Tri-X pushed in Accufine developer, it had the best light in Middle Georgia, making it a great place to shoot. The football has always been great as well, following Northside and Warner Robins.

The above photo was my favorite of the game, one of those "almost" moments, with the ball literally on the fingertips of Warner Robins receiver Akeem Taylor. He was wide open and had he caught the pass, and
an easy touchdown

But it was not to be. So far it has been that kind of season for Warner Robins, almost, but just out of reach.


KSchoening said...
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KSchoening said...

Wish you could have helped that Demon out! We need some velcro for our boys I'm afraid. Your pics are awesome!

ShawnMills said...

These pictures are so good! I was at my own FFN (football Friday night)in Vidalia and attempted to take some good pictures of my son. However, it was quite a challenge. Too dark, blurry, camera wanted to focus close up and not far away. You make these sports photos look effortless and in reality they are alot of work. You are enormously talented!

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