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Monday, October 4, 2010

A Weekend of Photography

This was a full weekend of  photography for me. Friday I had three shoots, the last being the FPD homecoming game against Our Lady of Mercy. The game produced som e decent art. FPD still lays down a fog with fire extinguishers when their taem takes the field. I had to get a shot of the team tearing through both the sign and the fog.

Saturday I spent the day helping judge the Beginners Photography competition at the Georgia National Fair. Volunteers from the Middle Georgia Camera Club and the Digital Imaging Photography Guild from Warner Robins do an excellent job with the competition. I have judged this competition numerous times, and each time is a wonderful experience.
My fellow judges were Keaton Wynn, Assistant Professor of Art at Georgia Southwestern University and Nancy Floyd, a Profesor of Photography at Georgia State University. They were great to judge with.

Make a point to getting to the fair to see the entries. Therer were over 1500 photo entries this year, and some very good work. Take a walk through the Miller, Murphy, Howard Building and check them out.

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