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Friday, October 22, 2010

Ad Water and Stir

I noticed some of the leaves on our large dogwood were beginning to turn this morning. Some of them were really pretty with the sun coming through them. I got a camera and started shooting. The sun really lights that tree up in the morning, and it is so easy to shoot the leaves against a dark background.

By the time I got through shooting, I noticed a lot of stuff in the garden was needing water, so I turned on the sprinkler. After I got it set up, I noticed the water on the leaves, and decided I should do some more photos.

I began shooting at around 1/250 second, and decided to slow it down a bit. The top photo was before the water was on, the second one was shot at 1/40 second, and although the water drops make a long line, you can see separate drops.

The bottom picture was at 1/25 second, and the droplets make a solid line. I didn't use a tripod, so I was braced on the back of a chair to keep the camera steady.

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