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Monday, October 18, 2010

Some Pictures From Mossy Creek

Deborah and I went to Mossy Creek Barnyard Festival yesterday. We met Tracy, Ann and Sue. Spent the day listening to some cool music, watched some neat artisians at work, and took a few pictures. My favorite pctures of the day were of Lisa Lynne and George Tortorelli. She plays Irish Harp, he plays flute. Wonderful music.

Shooting pictures at a place like Mossy Creek can be a pain. You are under trees with patches of really dark shade and really hot spots of bright sunlight. If you shoot from the sunny side, the shadows can really mess you up. Just about everything I shot yesterday was backlite.  That way, you didn't have to worry about the
difference in the light.

The backlight was a great help with the photos of Lisa Lynne playing the harp. The strings really jump out, and the light seperates George from the background. I did shoot this in the manual exposure mode. No way the meter could balance this one.

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