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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Little Motion, Please

It is not too often I shoot images with a definite blur of motion. Sometimes it happens in the course of a shoot, and if it adds to the image, cool. Last week I did two different shoots a a slow shutter speed just to have movement in the images.

The top photo was the second shoot, Friday night at the Perry-Rutland game. I was shooting the Rutland band at halftime, and decided that a shot of the flags spinning would be cool with a bit of blur. I had been shooting at ISO 3200 during the game to stop the action. I needed a slow shutter speed to get the movement, ended up shooting 1/25 second. By the way, these were shot in the manual exposure mode where I chose the shutter speed and the aperture. To get the slow shutter speed and not overexpose, I dropped the ISO down to 500.

The image below was from the Hispanic Heritage program at Hunt Elementary in Fort Valley Thursday morning. The dancers are students from Peach County High. Their twirling dresses just begged to blur.
When you are shooting motion like this, you need to have part of the image in sharp focus. If people are the subject, their faces need to be relatively sharp. I shot a bunch in both cases to have the blur with some degree of  sharpness in the main subject's face.

The dancers were done at 1/30 second. This is a fun thing to try. You can also use a slow shutter speed and pop some flash into the image. The slow shutter will give some blur, while the very short flash duration will freeze a part of the photo.
Go play with your camera.


Shawn M. said...

Love the girls skirts in motion. It makes for such an interesting photo. Great job, as always!

Anonymous said...

Niche Shots Danny

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