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Monday, October 11, 2010

A Bit Of History

I went to Byron Elementary last FRiday to photograph some Civil War reenactors who were at the school.
I have always loved history, especially American History, so I knew I would have fun with the assignment.

I was not the only one having fun. The 5th graders who were around the campfire were having a lot of fun as well. Not only were they learning by seeing the gear and hearing the stories of Billy,Beverly, Steve and Steven Smith, but they were seeing pieces of history as well.  They had the chance to wear the uniforms, and even taste the bacon and hardtack Steve Smith cooked over the campfire.

The Smith's have a passion for this slice of history, and who better to share and teach it. More folks should take the time to share their talents and knowledge in our public schools. What a wonderful gift to give.

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