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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Bit Of Solar Flair

I photographed a training day for teachers this morning at the Museum of Aviation. It was presented by the NASA Regional Educator Resourse and had some cool classes. One of the things I knew I wanted photos of was the awesome array of telescopes set up by astronomer Stephen Ramsden. He was allowing folks to witness solar flair up close.

I had to wait a while for someone to stop and look therough the telescopes. He was set up in the amplitheater between the two buildins that housed the varoius classes. Quite a few folks passes by before Nancy Sills, a science teracher from Harris County, stopped to talk to Stephen and look through the telescopes.

My first shots were pretty standard stuff, nice light, low angle. You could see Nancy and Stephen in the photograph. Then I decided I should show the sun. First I shot with the sun peeping over the end of the telescope, making a bit of flair. Guess I made a photographic pun, if there is such a thing.  For the last photo I moved a bit to the side, getting more sky and having the sun to the right of the telescope.

The lst two would have worked better with a little flash popped on the telescope and Nancy. This is one of those times when the old D-70 would come in handy with its ability to sync a flash at a really high shutter speed.

Oh, well, it will be interesting to see which one the editor picks.

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