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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Red Canoe

I had a very early assignment at Veteran's high School this morning. Was at the school by 7:30am, so I had a drive in the fog and darkness. All the way over, I was looking for a photograph, but nothing caught my eye.
It was lighter by the time I left the school. Driving down Woodard Road I noticed this tree standing on a small island in a pond.
It looked good, but I drove on by without stopping. I got about a mile down Moody Road, and turned around. I had to go back and give it another look.
The bottom photo was my first shot, kinda from the angle I first saw the scene. It didn't quite work for me, so I moved around a bit. I saw the red canoe, and knew I had my photo.
I also zoomed in a bit on this photo, isolating the tree a little.
Glad I went back.

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Shawn M. said...

Really like the Red Canoe! The bare colorless trees and the lack of sunshine really make the red pop out. The picture just feels like wintertime and the little red canoe is hibernating.

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