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Saturday, September 10, 2011

New HDR Find

I have been playing with HDR photography off and on for about three years. I have come close to buying Photomatix Pro several times, but decided it was not worth the price for what I wanted to do.
I have tried quite a few free programs, and like the results from Picturenaut about 60% of the time. 
It just does not have enough variable control.

The new Popular Photography has a cool article on HDR and got me cranked up again. 
A little surfing brought me to a new free program.

Well, it is really not new. It was formally Qtpfsgui, now Luminance HDR 2.1.0
I downloaded it yesterday and have been really playing with it. It works with RAW and JPG files, and you can use it with multiple exposures or with one. The photos here were all generated from one JPG exposure.

 Give it a try, it's free. But if you like it, send them a little donation for their efforts.

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