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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 911

I was like most other Americans after 911, dazed, wondering about the way we as a country would react.
We had been seemingly so divided for such a long time. Viet Nam, Nixon, so many things had left so many folks feeling apart. 

Later in September, a huge celebration had been planned for Robins Air Force Base's 60th birthday. A huge bash at the Museum of Aviation. Lee Greenwood was scheduled to preform. The Band of the Air Force Reserve had their Bag Pipers on hand. The largest American Flag I have ever seen was flying high.

So many people, so much emotion. I was very glad that I was assigned by the Telegraph to cover the event. 
Definitely one of those Kodak moments, actually many, many Kodak moments. And I was still shooting with the old Kodak DCS620's. 

A time for everyone to open up, share their fears and pain, and more importantly to share a common hope for the future.

So many flags, so many who were proud to be Americans.

Lee Greenwood finished his performance with "God Bless The USA."  

I knew half way through his song that America would be okay. We would heal, but more importantly as a country we would bond.

God Bless The USA

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