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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have always been fascinated by dandelions. Even as a kid I was more interested in looking at all the little parachutes and the textures than blowing them loose into the wind.  The way back light separates each little feather-like hair, such an awesome creation of God.  Then I discovered how much fun they are to photograph.  No telling how many dandelion photos I have made over the years, many on negative film that were never printed. Just so much fun to shoot.

Sunday evening I found this one while walking the dogs. It was really too dark to shoot, but I wanted to back light it anyway.  I set up my old SB-28 on a little table top tripod about three feet to the right and slightly behind the dandelion, and fired it with my Cowboy Studio radio triggers.  Shot was with the D70 and Sigma 70-300 using the Macro setting.

I shot at 1/250th second to darken the background.

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