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Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Floating Rose

Deborah made a floral arrangement with cut flowers for her Mom's 80th birthday this morning. There was one rose bloom that was stemless. She dropped it in a glass of water. When I saw it, the wheels started turning, dark background, a a strong back light, little more light from above.....

One thing led to another, we swapped the glass for this cool vase, put a black cloth under the vase, added candles and another bloom of some kind and here is my favorite. 

The lights were two on camera strobes used on light stands. The back light had a snoot to focus the light into a tight spot. I made the snoot with the cardboard from a cereal box and duct tape. Honey Nut Cheerios seem to work best, something about the cholesterol. The front light was above and to the left of the camera. 

I had cut some tea olive blooms this morning and decided to see how they looked using the same lighting set up. Not a bad morning's work.

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