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Monday, July 13, 2015

Another Summer, And Gladly, Another Sunflower

Gary Harmon called last week to tell me about a field of sunflowers he had found. He shot some with his iphone and posted on Facebook.  Anyway, he invited me to come along and shoot some photos. We met at the field this morning and had some hot fun.

The second photo is Gary blazing away with his 17-55 Nikkor,  the third photo is me getting up close with a bee.  The top photo was done with my old D 70, using a flash. It was shot at 1/3200th second and f10 so I could get the sun without it being blown out. The flash was on a stand to camera right.

The bee was with my 50mm Nikkor and close-up lenses. The bottom photo is first unopened sunflower bud I have ever seen. Just too cool. It was a good morning.

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