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Friday, September 12, 2008

After 30 Years It Still Grabs You

This was from 30 years ago. The negative sleeve says "Fire On Poplar
Street." The lady's face says it all.

The clothes date the image, but the expression is timeless. Photographs
are like that. The good ones transcend time. All photographs are moments
in time held forever, but some are shortlived, with meaning lasting only for
certain people.

Others have a quality that can still touch someone 30 years later when viewed
for the first time. The top image grabs you while the second just doesn't
have the impact. Same room same day by the same photographer
with the same lens and camera.

The first one is an image of her. She is captured surrounded by her loss.
The viewer relates to her, she is the key.

But what do I konw. I just point Nikons at people.

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The Riverbum said...

I agree that the first image has a much bigger visual impact. The expression on her face is a mix of loss, despair, and perhaps a bit of surrendering to the things that are out of her control. Thanks for digging up a bit of the past and sharing it. I am sure that a lot of people in Texas will have that same look on their faces when they get to return to homes.

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