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Monday, September 1, 2008

Another Labor Day Road Race

I photographed another Labor Day Road Race today. I am not sure how many this makes.
I was talking to Congressman Jim Marshall before the race, and asked him how many he has run. He said he wasn't sure, but it was a lot. Same with me, a lot.

It is much easier now, doing digital. Also much easier shooting since the start is almost in the dark. Back in the old days we had to shoot color slide film, and the fastest we had was ISO 400. Now we just kick our ISO up and shoot what we need. I did get creative with my flash, slowed my ISO down to 200, dropped my shutter seed down low, and let the runners blur. The top image worked out real well, main subjects faces are nice and sharp.

I really like the bottom photo. My flash ran out of juice when I hit this frame, so it is totally available light, no flash to stop the action. Like I said I like the image a bunch, but wish the baby's face was just a bit sharper.

Oh, year.

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