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Monday, September 15, 2008

I am Moving

I am moving, well a cyber move. My blog will now be at home on our newspaper website

I really appreciate all the interest in my blog. It has been a lot of fun to do, another outlet for the passion I have for this wonderful artform. I hope someone has
gotten a little more interested, been inspired and learned a little from my
humble ramblings.

Follow this link to find me

Again, thanks for reading.

Y'all come on over.


The Riverbum said...

Well, I guess you will need to rework this blog well as your description, considering the new changes in your life. For anyone reading this, who doesn't know; Danny decided to take the retirement/buyout option from the newspaper. Go to his last entry at the newspaper blog for more info.

I am glad to hear that you will be keeping this blog going. I always have enjoyed your photos, and your commentary here, and look forward to seeing more of it.

Best wishes for whatever the future may bring you!

Cal said...

I've just caught up on my reading.
I'm going to miss seeing your images in the paper. What a treasure you are; the paper will suffer in your absence.
Drop me a line when you can. I'd like to keep in touch.

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