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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just For Me

Okay folks, here are some pictures I did just for me. The mushroom photo is right by my house. Been looking at them for several days knowing I wanted a picture. This
morning I decided to shoot it, with the sun coming through the trees. Wish the exposure on the sun had been a bit better.

Later in the day I went to photograph Victor Montes and Carmen Velasco. Their's is
a great story. They are co-workers and good friends. Victor needs a kidney, and Carmen is giving one of hers. While I was photographing them, Victor's nephew and niece came in the room eating their ice cream bars. Too good to pass up. If not for this blog, no one would have seen them

The last photo was done today for the Sports folks. Warner Robins High place kicker David Clark. I saw this assignment yesterday and knew what I wanted to shoot. Low angle, pop some flash on him, and shoot a really high shutter speed to darken the sky.

A bit scary having your face that close to the ball being kicked, but what won't we do for a good photo....

I know I said I did these today just for me, but guess what I shoot most days is just for me. That keeps me happy.

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