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Monday, December 14, 2009

Fog and Christmas Lights

It’s an annual thing with me now, shooting the Christmas lights in Fort Valley. Each year I want to do a little better than the year before. On the way home from an assignment Saturday night I swung through downtown and shot some photos. It was wet and really cold. I suffered for my art, but got some nice pictures.
Sunday night was really foggy. I walked the dogs around 6pm and was thinking Christmas lights in the fog would be nice.
I ate dinner and sat around, putting off going out. After I walked the dogs at 11p.m., I couldn’t stand it any longer. Deborah and I(and Wesley, our wiener dog) cruised uptown in the fog.
These are my photos. Kind cool. Shoot with a telephoto to really get the feel of the fog(top photo). A wide angle sort of diminishes the effect of the fog up close. Spots of light really make it kick. I usually shoot my fog pictures on manual so I can get the exposure like I want it. These were all handheld, but if you are shooting in fog, you might want to bring along a tripod.

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