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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Just Another Photo

I photographed the Peach County/East Side game Friday night. I got to spend a bit of sideline time with my friend and former co-worker Grant Blankenship. The game was full of action and made for some good images.

Grant and I had moved into the endzone at the end of the first half expecting a long pass play by Peach County. Grant even remarked the pass would be to Lamar Zanders, Peach County quarterback Patrick Taylor's favorite target.

Sure enough, it was a pass to Zanders and we were in the right spot. So was an East Side defender who played the ball perfectly, breaking up the play. Were looking at our images after the play and Grant said "If Peach County looses, this will be the game picture."

Peach County went on to win, and the broken pass photo became just another picture.

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