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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

World AIDS Day

I went to our local World Aids Day event here in Fort Valley last night. It was held in a little park in the middle of downtown at our bandstand. Christmas lights and decorations cover the area.
I thought it was a great contrast, the AIDS message and the Christmas decorations.
There were some really compelling signs posted around the bandstand. Each one had signs on both sides. I shot some looking in to the bandstand and some against the downtown buildings.
The sign photographed against the empty streets kinda says something, too. AIDS is another one of those things that Americans(as well as most affluent nations) showed real concern about for a while. Guess now it is looked upon as more of a third world problem.
That is the way we are, like with bird flu, then swine flu. If its not knocking on our door, then it is not our problem.

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