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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Football Friday Nights Are Back

High School football is back, which means that Daryl Hawkins, Peach County's Trojan Man is back in business. It's not officially football season until I get a greeting and a handshake from Daryl on the sidelines.
And by the way, I think this is my 41st high school football season.  I must be one of the oldest dudes shooting on Friday nights in Georgia. I am even older than Gary Harmon, he just looks older.

I din't know I had the broken pass play until I was looking at pictures in the computer. I am really trying to cut down on my chimping this year. I captioned it as Peach County's C J Coleman breaks up a pass intended for Warner Robins Jalen Rountree. Actually on closer look it is really offensive pass interference. Rountree is grabbing Coleman's hand to keep him from the ball.

August is way too hot for football, but hey, this is Middle Georgia.

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