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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Playing in the sprinkler

I love playing in the sprinkler. Would have thought I had outgrown this years ago. Well, now I stay mostly dry.  I had the sprinkler going in the garden this morning, and had to do my annual "Slow Shutter-Streaming Water" shot. 

I noticed light on these leaves and the way the water was high-lighted. I went in the house and got my old D70 and the Nikkor 300/f4 and gave it a shot or two.  I started out is shutter priority and cranked it down to 1/20 second. The leaves were still a bit over exposed, so I went to manual. This was 1/20 second at f32.  The light was pretty well balanced. It was shot as a raw file. 

This old 300/f4 is almost too much for me to handhold at such a slow shutter speed. I had a few that had too much motion in them. It is still one of my favorite lenses, is razor sharp and great contrast. 

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