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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Another Step In this Journey

Yesterday morning I saw this leaf on the trunk of Deborah's car. Can't tell you what drew my eye to it.
Shape, light? Just know when I saw it, I had to photograph it. So many things we pass each day just beg to be photographed. Too often we are in to big a rush and just don't notice. Can't see the forest for the trees and all that.  This was what I saw as I walked by bringing the pooches back in from their morning outing.
Shot it first, dropped down to one knee to get this perspective.

As I moved around, the shape changed, as did the light and texture. Love leaves, the texture and veins. The way light plays through them.  I first shot this much tighter, then noticed the reflection and wanted to keep it in the image. Glad I did. The background has changed as well.

This was the last image, 180 degrees opposite from the first, still get the texture but with different shape. 
Why did I shoot it?  Always wondered what is is in my brain that sees the possibilities in some objects.
Early on in this photographic journey, it was so frustrating to see something like this, but not know how to capture what I was seeing. How to use the light, to set my exposure to capture the mood and textures, what lens to use to get the certain look. Shoot with a telephoto for shallow depth of field, or use a wide angle so all is in focus.

And happily, the journey continues.

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