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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Macon's Terminal Station

The Terminal Station is one of the most beautiful buildings in Macon.  It was built in 1916 to be the union station for the 15 railroads that served Macon at the time. It is now home to the Macon Transit Authority.
The sandstone structure covers around 13 acres. The last regular passenger train left the station in the 1970's.

Some of the unique benches still sit in the grand lobby, along with a shoe shine stand. I was fortunate enough
to have passed through the structure quite a few times, often on the Nancy Hanks for trips to Atlanta. Our family made the ride several times, and if you were a 3rd grader in Bibb County back in the day, you rode the train on the ultimate field trip. We went to Atlanta for the day, visiting the Grant's Park, the Cyclorama, and the State Capitol.

The left end of the building still has the colored waiting room sign, carved in the sandstone. A reminder of a past we are not proud of, but should not be ignored or forgotten.

During the heydays of rail travel during the 1920's, there were over 100 arrivals a day at the station. Today, you can catch a ride with the MTA, or you can rent the facility for a wedding or other event. 

If you are at the lower end of Cherry Street, walk inside and see the beauty. 

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