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Friday, August 22, 2014

The Two Mae's, Real BFF's

My mom's 90th birthday is next Tuesday. Her quilting buddies had a birthday brunch for her in Columbus
yesterday, and I was fortunate enough to be invited. I was extremely blessed with the parents God saw fit to provide me with. I realized very early that I didn't have the complaints that most of my friends had about their parents. They taught my brother Tony and me right, raised us in a Christian home, and loved us unconditionally. They also loved each other with an incredible lifelong, no, make that an eternal love.

These photos were from the party yesterday. The photo above is my mom, on the left, and her best friend Mae Pettis. Mae and her husband Leroy were my parents best friends. The two Mae's are still best friends. Dad and Leroy have been gone for a while now, and these two are best buddies.

Our families were together a lot when I was a kid. Tony dated their daughter Sondra, and their son Mike was my best buddy until we moved away from Columbus. Mae and Leroy were like my other parents. I was so lucky to see these two couples, the way they were to each other, the way they lived their lives. 
Mae is still a big part of our family, and I know Mae's kids feel the same way about my mom. 
Mom still sends Mae's youngest son a birthday card every year with a dollar enclosed.

The two Mae's are what God had in mind when He created BFF's. If you ask either of them what a BFF is, they would not have a clue, but their love for each other sure tells it all.

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