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Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Field of Sunflowers.....

I love sunflowers, which explains why pictures of sunflowers appear on this blog so often. These are from a field down near Elko that I visited back in July. Gary Harmon found them while riding his bike and told me about them.  I had to check them out.  The top image was done with the fisheye at 10mm. I popped a little flash in so I could keep the deep blue sky and some of the sun, which is in the upper left of the frame.  The flash was on a light stand to my left at a bit of an angle o the flower. My exposure was 1/1250th second at f 9, the ISO was low, around 200.  There were some honey bees on the flower, which added to my interest in this one.

I swapped from the fisheye to the 70-300mm with a closeup lens for the bee shot, still using the flash to add some depth to the shot.

This last shot is the crown that surrounds the flower. Up close the texture really jumps at ya. Alas, no more sunflowers for a year now.

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