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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Going Wide

I know one of the rules we all know is that you shoot portraits with
a longer lens. Use at least an 85mm, better yet a 105. With a wide
angle lens you will get distortion, make your subject look bad.
Well, I love to shoot portraits with a wide angle. Sometimes just
to get in some environment, but sometimes for the effect you get.
A little distortion can be kinda cool. It makes for an added emphasis,
especially if your subject has large beautiful eyes.

Don't get too wide with the focal length, and be careful where
you place your subject in the frame. Wide lenses can get wierd
in the corners sometimes. I have a 35 and a 24 I use a good bit
doing portraits. Sometimes I will go to my 20mm, but when I
do, I am pretty much doing environment.

Give it a try, shoot some with the longer lens, then give the
wide angle a try. Let me know how you do.
By the way, there is an email link at the very bottom of this
page. It kind of gets lost down there. Let me hear from you.

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Dan M. said...

Danny, you have dealt with a sacred cow I have long wanted to slaughter. To shoot with a long lens you have to be far away from your subject. The viewer of the photo perceives this distance and feels alienated from the subject. To shoot with a wide lens you have to get close. The viewer feels this closeness - some call it intimacy.

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