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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

It is getting to be springtime, or at least that short period of really wonderful weather in Middle Georgia before the temperature and humidity get outrageous. You can still get out and walk. Macon has lots of photogenic places to take a stroll.
Surprisingly to some folks, it is a lot easier to see a good picture possibility walking than cruising by at 60 miles per hour. Lots of neat blooms and blossoms, bees and bugs on plants. You don't see unless you look, and then you have to find that perfect angle.
Rose Hill is a wonderful place to walk and take pictures. Lots to shoot, the light is always changing, and great exercise as well. Just about any time of day or year is good to shoot there. Pick a subject to photograph in the spring. Then go back and look in the fall and winter. Like a completely different subject. The light changes during the day to create a different look as well. Just remember where you are.
This is a cemetery, so be reverent and respectful of other visitors.

If you take your time, you might get lucky like I did the last time there and get some wildlife. Our little photo group came upon two hawks. We spent at least 20 minutes with these guys. Made some wonderful pictures.
And, by the way, don't try to carry all the photo equipment you own. Take what you need, and can carry comfortably. This is supposed to be fun, you know.
By the way, keep your ears open, too. The top picture, Deborah came to me and said she had found an
awesome picture, and I should come shoot it.

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