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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I am part of a photo group from my church. I have mentioned them before. We get together and play and learn. We have done some fun little photo excursions. Recently we went to Calloway Gardens and then to a really neat wildlife place about 5 miles up US Highway 27 from the Gardens.

It is an interesting place. They have a petting zoo, but also a pretty large fenced area where large water buffalo, American Bison, emu, and other critters wander freely. You can drive through and feed the animals. Drive your vehicle or rent a van for a reasonable price. Rent the van , cause your car will get trashed. These large animals can inadvertantly put some dents and scratches on your sheet metal.

Anyway, you buy bags of pellets to feed the masses, load up and drive through. You don't have to wait long to be surrounded by hungry animals. Take a wide angle lens, cause you will be up close and personal with some really large beast, with some powerfully bad breath. This shot above of Tracy backing away is not from fear of the animal, but due to its bad breath.

I was driving, so I didn't feed them, or take as many photos as most folks did. I shot mostly photos of the group interacting with the animals. What a blast. Do you know how long a water buffalo's tongue is? And watch out for the emu, they are kinda mean.

You have to balance your exposure to compensate for the difference between in the van and outside, but you get some cool pictures, much better than just the animal images. Just another way to push a shutter button and have fun.

Here is a link to a gallery of some of our pictures:

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Alex H. said...

Too funny. That was a great day. Love the shot of Tracy trying to withstand the stench :)

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