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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Shooting the Komen

I spent Monday afternoon in downtown Macon. If you didn't bring your camera and go hang out, shame on you. Great chances for some wonderful images during the Komen Central Georgia Cycle for the Cure. Even for an old hack like me. An opportunity for some different images, something that most of us get the chance to shoot only once a year. And for free.

The course is open, so you can roam around and pick your spot, shoot for a while then move on for a new view. Shoot with different lenses,odd angles. Plenty of time between laps to try a shot, do some chimping, to see what you got, and either reshoot or try another idea.. The first race gets you warmed up for the faster race by the pros. All of this gets you geared for the big boys coming into town.

If you didn't make it this time, hopefully they will be back next year. take a day off from work and go give it a try.
Middle Georgia has plenty of opportunities for different things to shoot. Check the Out and About each week. The Society for Creative Anachronism just had a weekend outing at Tobesofkee, the Ocmulgee Monument has the Native American Festival, Scottish Games at Culloden, different music festivals. Mossy Creek Festival is this weekend near Perry. Lots of good pictures to be found there.


Alex H. said...

Nice work "old hack" :)

Quick question:
My outdoor shots always seem "washed out"; lacking in sharpness and rich color. Is this a product of the camera brand, lens type, or camera settings?

Danny Gilleland said...

Alex, are you shooting on an automatic setting? Switch to manual and use your meter, try bracketing your exposure. The cycling photos were shot on manual.

Alex H. said...

I use both manual and auto. For shots that I am really not sure how to shoot or I need to be ready quickly I just go with auto.

You forget I am a rookie...had to Google "bracketing your exposure"... :)

I'll play around with that. Thanks for sharing!

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