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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All Wet

Jason Vorhees and I went to Waycross last Friday for the Northside-Ware County State Championship football game. I began the season with the Northside -Houston County game, and got soaked. Boy, did it rain. The first part of the season I got wet every Friday night. Some years are that way.

Last Friday I was worried about rain. The rains were supposed to come sometime Saturday morning, according to the Weather Channel. You can never be sure. Well, game time came and it was dry. We shot the game under starry skies, Thought I had finished the season dry.

The clock is running down, so I get close to Coach Nix on the sidelines. You can try to do the Coach shot two ways....get close on the sidelines, or shoot from across the field. I hate trying to shoot this picture from across the field because there is usually someone in the way.

So I am shooting everyone hugging Coach Nix, the big celebration. Then wham. Players dump a cooler of ice water over the coach. Most of it went over his head and soaked me. Jason's photo at the top shows me getting very wet. It also shows that there is usually some photog or two between you and the picture when you shoot from across the field. It also shows the reason you don't get too close. The last photo shows why you keep something in your pocket to clean the front of your lens.

Oh well, at least it wasn't Gatorade. I'd still be sticky.


Sue Sapp said...

I can just hear Jason laughing.

Anonymous said...

Just proves you're part of the team, too. Northside loves Danny!

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