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Friday, December 21, 2007

Favorite Photos of 2007

Each photographer had to pick our two favorite photographs from 2007 to run next week. I went through looking for possible images. How to narrow my search down to two? I have lots of favorite photos, all for different reasons, not always for aesthetic reasons. I narrowed my search to these four. Each for a different reason.

The tornado picture from Americus, this was a really big news story this year. The news value was partly behind my grabbing this one. Also the difficulty of getting the photo and sending it back. That was quite a day.

The Peach County football game was a cool photo. Love that sky.

The photo from the home of Spc. Daniel Gomez was one that has held on to me for the past four months. I have thought about his family quite often. They are such gracious folks. Another photo with a lot of news value.

The last one, the sunset...I don't really know why I love this photo the way I do. I just get lost in this image. Maybe it's because it is a grainy black and white shot with a long lens. Kind of a haunting image.

Well, I made my picks, turned them in. Now as I sit here writing this, I have changed my mind again. Originally I picked the Americus photo and the sunset. Gotta include the Gomez photo. It wins out on quite a few levels. It was amoment I was quite honored to share.

My posting may be kinda spotty next week, going to be on vacation. Thanks for visiting my blog this year. I will be back on schedule after the first.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

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Mary said...

The Sunset, I vote for favorite. This is incredible.

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